con-pearl® composition

Lightweight boards made of con-pearl® consist of three polypropylene layers.

The middle layer obtains its special structure by thermo forming. Lamination to the outer layers results in a very light and stable trilaminate structure.

With coextrusion and coating & covering technologies, we can add different kinds of materials to con-pearl®, creating innovative new products.

Edge closure options

classic edge closure

All edges sealed for safe handling. The edges of our con-pearl® products can be embossed without any adhesives


  • higher edge stability
  • without adhesives
  • no dirt deposition
  • waterproof
kantenverschlossene Hohlkammerplatte
kantenverschlossene Hohlkammerplatte Con-Pearl

Our con-pearl® products

Con-Pearl Anwendungsbereiche Automotve und Packaging

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