Why is the Light TECH Box™ the better option ?

 Light TECH Box – ready to use in seconds

plastic bulk cargo box ready for use in seconds

Special features in logistics:

The Light TECH Box™ is everyone’s favourite in logistics. Due to the folding design, the volume of the large load carrier is reduced by up to 80%, which saves money and space for storage and transport.  The reusable loading carrier with locking latch fits perfectly into either block storage or high-bay storage. Our Light TECH Box™ is also suitable for automated transport systems. No additional packaging material is needed due to our stable locking system.


Lidl Lager mit Light TECH Box

Components and options of our Light TECH Box™



The injection molded lid on the Light TECH Box™ is very durable and was specially developed for heavy loads. The locking latch ensures the easy and safe container stacking. The custom-fit lids ensure a perfect fit on the bearing frame.

Con-Pearl sleeve short side open front panel overlaps


The con-pearl® sleeves are available in different sizes, the hight is up to 1600 mm. The sleeve protects the goods agains dirt. They are available in RAL and Pantone colours and with print.

more about Con-Pearl® sleeves


The pallet of the Light TECH Box™ consists of a single-piece, mold-injected, closed deck. It offers 2 or 4-way clearance. The pallet can be easily cleaned. In addition we can manufacture the pallet element with a lock and/or lashing straps to further secure the box. Sealing elements can be installed.

Palette Detail


You can decide whether the Light TECH Box™ should be delivered with three runners or with nine bases. Runners are particularly suitable for rack storage and conveyor systems. Bases are recommended for use with smaller forklifts.

Spanngurt Detail

tension belt

Upon request, we deliver the Light TECH Box™ with lashing straps made of solid nylon. The tension belts allow a compression of the packed material. The use of multi-piece box sleeves and multi-functional frames is also possible.

Verriegelung Detail

click bracket

The systems are equipped with click brackets for secure transport in internal and external goods traffic. The brackets on the pallet and cover can be easily opened and closed simply by clicking them. The brackets on the pallets can also be easily opened and closed with safety shoes.

Our pallet boxes are also available without brackets.

Technical data Light TECH Box™

dimension of system (l*w*h)

dimension in return,
10 systems stacked

dimension inside (l*b*effect.height)

filling- loading volume


max. stackable load (safety factor 2)


con-pearl® sleeve

lid and pallet

1210 x 810 x 920 mm

1210 x 810 x 2450 mm

1160 x 760 x 725 mm

640 liters

35 kg

1800 kg

CP10 3000 (Polypropylen)


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