What we do

Lightweight construction and sustainability play a more and more significant role. Our products meet these challenges.
The volume of our plastic gaylord boxes is reduced up to 80% for return. Transport costs are decreased and emissions are reduced.
The low weight of our automotive solutions has the same effect. con-pearl® van linings are about 60% lighter than standard wooden linings.
At the end of their long life cycle, our products are returned to the recycling circuit for reprocessing to raw material.


Who we are

con-pearl GmbH is manufacturer of lightweight plastic products for the packaging and automotive industry as well as many other sectors. Lightweight performance is our standard. Our products convince through light weight and high performance.

Innovation and quality are key components of our business and success. Our know-how in lamination and surface technology allows us to implement different kinds of design requirements and features. We are working closely with our customers’ development departments to apply these solutions. All of our products can be recycled.

con-pearl is your reliable partner for lightweight design solutions.