con-pearl GmbH secures sustainable raw material supply with the purchase of Recyplast GmbH

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– strategic expansion of raw material capacity and commitment to the recycling business.

A reliable supply of raw materials is the basis for remaining future-oriented and competitive while generating sustainable growth.

In April 2021, con-pearl GmbH acquired Recyplast GmbH in Hillscheid, Rhineland-Palatinate. The operating business at the Hillscheid site will continue under the con-pearl® brand in the future. Recyplast GmbH specialises in the production of regranulates, primarily from polyethylene but also polypropylene.

The background to the acquisition is the expansion of the raw material and sales base beyond the traditional markets. This clearly shows how important the recycling sector is for the operative business as well as for the strategic orientation and how it is to be strengthened for the future.

Due to the significant increase in raw material prices and the current shortage of raw materials on the market, con-pearl GmbH secured another pillar of raw material extraction with the takeover of the plant in Hillscheid, which is strategically important for the further processing of con-pearl® products. This will enable con-pearl GmbH to sustainably secure and expand its growth opportunities. In addition, with this strategic purchase decision it remains competitive and even more independent of the international raw materials market.

con-pearl is thus committed to sustainable industrial products made from regranulates, to plastic recycling and to reusable plastic load carriers for various applications in a wide range of industries. We are thus making an active contribution to the ecological transformation of our economy.

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