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con-pearl in top 10 of the best logistik brands

Evaluation of reader and expert vote: Best logistics brand 2019

On April 10th 2019, the Best Logistics brands were named in the Bertelsmann Representative Office in Berlin in 2019. Unfortunately we didn’t make it into the top 3. Nevertheless, we are still proud of our position.

Con-Pearl® was first proposed and included in the container category by the Independent Nomination Committee.  To be nominated alongside large and world famous brands such as SSI Schaefer, DHL, WÜRTH, etc. was an achievement in itself.

After the kick off in December, the members of BVL and the readers of Logistik Heute voted for various brands in the world of logistics in a total of 9 different categories.  The aim of the vote was to establish which companies in the German-speaking world have the best reputation in the logistics industry.

On the evening of the ceremony, 33 winners were awarded. In the container category, SSI SCHÄFER achieved 1st place, WÜRTH 2nd and CHEP 3rd place. In the courier express and parcel service category, the Deutsche Post DHL Group won 1st place, Dpd took 2nd and UPS 3rd place. All the brands in the vote as well as the winners of the 2019 reader and expert vote can be found here.

We were included in the vote for the first time and are delighted with our very commendable placing in the top 10.  We thank all readers and experts for their confidence in our Con-Pearl® brand and await with anticipation to see if we can rise to the winners’ podium in the coming years.


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